May 23, 2017

Second batch of S7 promo pictures released

Yesterday HBO released another small batch of promo pictures via Entertainment Weekly.
Unfortunately, those pictures do not reveal much new information - the only "real" new picture is the battlefield scene with Drogon.

Anyway, here's what we can tell about those pictures:

1. Cersei and Jaime in KL
Exactly the same scene as in the April promo picture, so nothing new here.
2. Tormund in WF

Behind the camera we can see Sean Savage, who has been working as a camera operator in every single episode since S02E01. No director or DoP to be seen, so unfortunately no hints about episode number here.
On the left there are some Vale soldiers with capes.
And Brienne has a male body double...
3. Sansa and Littlefinger in WF
Exactly the same scene as in the April promo picture, so nothing new here.
4. Brienne in WF

She's at the same location in Winterfell where Sansa and LF stand (in fact, you can see both of them behind her in the background.
5. Jon on horse in WF (E02)
We see him waving goodbye (to Sansa?), accompanied by Davos (wearing the same coat as in the April promo picture and Stark soldiers (dressed like the Stark soldiers who arrive with Jon and Davos at Dragonstone).
So this is probably the departure scene when they are leaving WF in S07E02 towards Dragonstone.
6. Arya on horse (E01-E04)

She's wearing the same clothes as in the short November teaser and in the April promo picture at the Inn. This time Needle is - correctly - on her right side, meaning the November teaser scene was mirrored. 
The location is definitely the Inn at the Crossroads.
7. Daenerys on Drogon (E04)
Battlefield with Dothraki, Lannister and other soldiers fighting between flames. Daenerys is wearing her royal outfit and her hairdo seems immaculate and absolutely unimpressed by all the action around her. 

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