March 02, 2017

GoT Season 7 Episode Guide

Shooting for Game of Thrones season 7 has finished, and now long months of waiting lie ahead until the first episode will finally air.

Time for a résumé and something to shorten the idle time: a visual GoT Season 7 Episode Guide.

GoT season 7 was filmed for 6 long months in at least 24 locations in 5 countries. We had
  • lots of on-set photos and videos by journalists, paparazzi, and fans, especially from Spain; 
  • as usual, many hints and leaks brought to us by Watchers on the Wall, Los Siete Reinos and other fansites and individual fans; 
  • plus, big parts of the season 7 storyline were leaked back in September / October 2016 by reddit user u/awayforthelads and confirmed numerous times since then (as you can judge by yourself when flipping through these pages). 
So, I tried to put all of this together to give a comprehensive visual overview about what to expect in season 7. This of course is totally a work-in-progress, and there surely will be more stories and details than those included in this guide - but this is what we know of right now.

NOTE regarding the leaks: Later, there were several other "leakers" who claimed to have inside information. But as all of them were much less credible imo, I only included leaks by u/awayforthelads into this overview. Information delivered by u/awayforthelads himself is marked green, second hand information (PMs supposedly from u/awayforthelads published by other users) is marked red to make it easier to distinguish them by level of authenticity.

EDIT 2017-05-25: As the first official trailer proved several of u/awayfortheladspart2's leaks true, and him being identical with the original Lads can now safely be assumed, I added u/awayfortheladspart2's information and marked it yellow.

EDIT 2017-06-22: As the second official trailer showed us a flock of ravens controlled by Bran, 
I added the October 2016 leaks by an anonymous leaker on 4chan.


If you want to stay unsullied, do NOT click the following links.

Overview of shooting locations

Episode 1 (Director: Jeremy Podeswa)

Episode 2 (Director: Mark Mylod)

Episode 3 (Director: Mark Mylod)

Episode 4 (Director: Matt Shakman)

Episode 5 (Director: Matt Shakman)

Episode 6 (Director: Alan Taylor)

Episode 7 (Director: Jeremy Podeswa)

And finally, a collections of images, scenes and characters from Season 7 which can right now not clearly be atttributed to a specific episode: Unknown Episodes.


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