February 05, 2018

New information about GoT shooting locations in Iceland

Two days ago reddit user u/gravemaster7 discovered a picture of a drone on Instagram, with the text "Shooting entire week with this amazing machine in Iceland for VFX" and the hashtag #gameofthrones: Instagram post by koenvrintspilot

This drone is a Neo model by AceCore Technologies. We've seen those specialized drones before - last year they were used for shooting GoT scenes in Iceland too: "The Drone Behind the Throne".

Now just this morning AceCore Technologies published a new video showing off its Neo drone shooting material in Iceland, again. Of course they don't tell us what exactly they were shooting and which client they did it for, but there are a some very interesting clues:
  • The shooting was performed by "Pegasus Pictures", a production company in Iceland that has been working for GoT since season 2.
  • During preparation of the shooting, we see the driver pulling into a car park filled with trucksowned by "Media Rental" - a big supplier of camera and shooting equipment in Iceland, who also worked for GoT before.
  • And finally at 01:12 in the video you can clearly see it's the same scene and context as in the Instagram picture - just look at the railing, the concrete fundament and the guy's glove and jacket.
Taking all these hints into account, we can be very sure the scenes we see in this video are from recent shootings for Game of Thrones, shootings to be used for vfx scenes.

Now to the most interesting part: which exact locations are shown in the video?

Here's a list of the ones I could identify:
Fjaðrárgljúfur / Fjadrargljufur canyon
Svínafellsjökull Glacier,
where GoT filmed last year

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Lakagígar / Laki Craters 

Háifoss waterfall

So to sum it up: these are some of the spectacular locations we are very probably going to see in vfx-enhanced scenes in season 8 - prepare yourselves!