October 05, 2018

The long wait for the first trailer

Now that the filming is done and the long night of waiting for the new season has begun, many GoT fans are asking one question:  

When will we finally get the first teaser / promo pictures / trailer?

The only thing we saw up to now was two seconds of Jon and Sansa in HBO's "Coming soon - 2019" teaser released back in August. Everything else is up to our own guesses at this moment - but maybe we can make some reasonable predictions, based on the experiences from past seasons?

So let's have a look at the promotion schedule HBO used during seasons 6 and 7. As this is the last and final season, things might of course be somewhat different this time, but at least we can get a feeling for when what kind of promo stuff could be expected.

Here's an overview of how long before the premiere date the "big" promotion stuff was published in seasons 6 and 7. If we use those dates with the most probable season 8 premiere date of April 28th, 2019, we get the following (hypothetical) dates:

As you can see, things should get started around the end of November / beginning of December. The real "big" things like promo pix, official poster and first trailer should be expected during February and early March.

For those who prefer graphics over numbers, here's a little visual overview of the hypothetical promotion schedule:

Again, this is personal speculation based on past seasons, and things could be different this time because HBO might want the final season to go out with a special big bang. Nevertheless I think it's a useful timeline to see what we can expect during the next months.

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