October 28, 2016

Speculative season 7 roadmap

Combining the list of directors / episodes published by WotW, the set photos and information we got from shootings in the Basque region and Northern Ireland up to now, and the extensive "leaks" published by u/awayforthelads and beautifully put together by u/maureencreates, I tried to compose an extended preliminary roadmap for season 7.

NOTE: Up to now there is no real discrepancy between the "leaks" and the photos / information we received via other channels. This can change any time when new information gets available - but everything we know at this moment can be combined into one coherent picture.

And this is what it could look like:

Episode 1 / Jeremy Podeswa

  • Opening scene: The army of the dead is marching towards the wall
  • Bran and Meera reach the Wall, they meet Dolorous Edd
  • Jon, Sansa and Lyanna discuss how to deal with the Northern lords who betrayed the Starks
  • Last scene: Dany's fleet lands at Dragonstone, Dany & Tyrion enter the castle and occupy Stannis' old battle room
Episode 2 / Mark Mylod
  • Dany summons all lords of Westeros to pledge allegiance to her
  • Jon and Davos decide to follow this call to Dragonstone (partially because of the need for dragonglass), Sansa (as Lady of Winterfell) and Ghost stay back in Winterfell
  • *Arya kills the Frey sons using Walder's face (or Episode 1)
  • * Euron destroys Yara's fleet and captures her, Theon can escape (or Episode 3)
  • *Euron kills Ellaria and sandsnake (or Episode 3)
  • *Lannister armies sack Highgarden, Olenna drinks poison in front of Jaime (or Episode 3)
Episode 3 / Mark Mylod
  • Jon and Davos arrive at Dragonstone and are received by Tyrion, Missandei and Dothraki
    + Photos from Zumaia 24.10. including Mark Mylod
  • Jon and Davos have their first encounter with a dragon
    + Photos from Gaztelugatxe 22.10.
  • Jon and Dany meet in the Throne Room and discuss bending the knee and the white walker threat
  • Bran and Meera arrive at Winterfell, Meera leaves to return home
  • Arya meets Nymeria on her way North
  • *Lannister army returns with gold / food from Highgarden, is ambushed on the way and destroyed by Dany's forces of Dothraki and dragons, the big battle includes Jaime and Bronn (or Episode 4)
    (+ Mark Mylod was seen scouting the Malpartida area)(+ Photos from Cáceres 17.11. including Mark Mylod)
Episode 4 / Matt Shakman
  • *Lannister army returns with gold / food from Highgarden, is ambushed on the way and destroyed by Dany's forces of Dothraki and dragons, the big battle includes Jaime and Bronn (or Episode 3)
    (+ Photos from Trujillo 15.11. including Matt Shakman)
    + L7R reports the scene being from Ep. 4 and directed by Shakman
  • Arya arrives at Winterfell
  • *Brienne and Arya are sparring (or Episode 5)
  • Theon arrives in Dragonstone and meets Jon (or Episode 3)
    + Photos from Zumaia 25.10.
  • *Jon pets Drogon on Dany's return from the battle (or Episode 5)
    (+ Photos from Zumaia 27.10. including Matt Shakman MAY show this)
  • *Dany lets Drogon burn some lords who survived the battle, including the Tarly's (or Episode 5)
Episode 5 / Matt Shakman
  • Davos smuggles Tyrion into King's Landing where he has a secret meeting with Jaime / Bronn
  • Davos finds Gendry in Kíng's Landing
  • Davos, Tyrion and Gendry leave KL by boat
    + Photos from Muriola 19./20.10.
    + L7R reported Mark Shakman and Ep. 5 for this scene
  • Sam, Gilly and baby leave Oldtown for Winterfell
  • Jorah returns to Dragonstone and meets Dany
    + Photos from Zumaia 28.10.
  • Jon receives news of Bran and Arya having returned to Winterfell
  • *Jon, Jorah, Gendry leave Dragonstone by boat towards Eastwatch-by-the-Sea
    + Photos from Zumaia 26.10. including Matt Shakman
Episode 6 / Alan Taylor
  • Jon, Jorah, Gendry arrive in Eastwatch-by-the-Sea
  • Wight-hunting party with Jon, Jorah, Gendry, Tormund, Beric, Thoros, The Hound travels north of the wall
  • Big fight with the army of the dead: A wight is caught, Thoros is killed by an ice bear, Dany shows up with her dragons and saves most of the party
  • Jon stays back and is saved by Benjen who gives him his horse, Vyserion is killed
  • Jon and Dany meet back in Dragonstone, where Jon pledges to Dany in a private meeting
  • Last scene: Vyserion gets reanimated
Episode 7 / Jeremy Podeswa
  • Sansa sentences Littlefinger to death, Arya kills him
  • Bran vision: Flashback to marriage Rhaegar - Lyanna
  • Sam and Bran figure out Jon's heritage (Sam remembers what Gilly read at the citadel)
  • * Theon lands at Dragonstone with several Ironborn rowboats, a fight breaks out
    + Photos from Zumaia 29.10. including Jeremy Podeswa
  • Big meeting at the dragonpit with the captured wight (Cersei, Tyrion, Dany, Jon, Jorah, Varys, Missandei, Qyburn, Mountain, Hound). Cersei promises support in the fight against the Night's King

  • Jon, Dany and the Unsullied leave by fleet towards Eastwatch-by-the-Sea.
  • Jaime leaves North after hearing that Cersei won't hold her promise
  • Cersei awakens in a bed soaked with blood (her last scene)
  • Jon and Dany have sex while still on the boat
  • Last scene: The Night's King attacks the Wall riding an undead Vyserion who breathes blue fire, a big chunk of the wall falls down

Most scenes / episode correlations follow the u/awayforthelads leaks. Additionally
* means episode number not known exactly, assumed on fact-based speculation
+ means information from shootings, leaked photos or inside information (L7R or WotW)

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