April 24, 2016

ZombieCat at the horizon?

While putting together my thoughts on the return of Thoros of Myr (which have been rendered obsolete in big parts by Episode 1 ;-)) and the consequences for a possible Jon Snow resurrection, I realized that another topic started to move more and more into the foreground.

So I followed that line of thought to discuss it in a separate post.

Lady Stoneheart.

Yeah, I know. Up to a few days ago I was very sure myself that the Lady Stoneheart plot would NEVER occur in the TV show, but now I'm getting more and more suspicious. There simply seem so many things falling into the right place:

  • The rumour about Thoros featuring a scene with a hanging.
  • Before season 5, there were some news regarding a script page (leaked or faked) that seemed to confirm that the LSH storyline from the books will be in the show.
  • Episode 3 is called Oathbreaker. In the books (and the script mentioned) Brienne is being asked for the name of her sword, and when she answers "Oathkeeper", Lady Stoneheart replies: “No, she says. Call it Oathbreaker, she says. It was made for treachery and murder. She names it False Friend. Like you”.
  • Another explanation might be that Brienne broke her oath because she did NOT kill Stannis. Well, not too probable though I'm still not totally convinced he's dead...
  • The "much-loved character who everybody thinks is dead" being brought back by Ian McShane may well be Catelyn Stark, and not Jon Snow or the Hound (who I wouldn't call "much-loved" anyway).
  • Brienne and Pod ARE going to Riverrun and meeting with Jaime.
  • In the Episode 2 preview we learn that Sansa sends Brienne south to look for Arya.

Damn, NOW I start seeing a ZombieCat shadow on the horizon too...

So at the moment my predictions are:

1. The ex-warrior and nowaday peacenik (Ian McShane) connected to the outlaw band revives Catelyn Stark. That explains why he makes only a one-episode appearance: "he has a relatively small amount of screen-time during the season, yet his character is of key importance."

2. While on their search for Arya, Brienne and Pod are getting caught by the band of outlaws and brought to Lady Stoneheart. We'll see the trial ("Oathbreaker!"), the hanging getting interrupted and afterwards Brienne and Pod going to Riverrun to meet Jaime as ordered by LSH.

3. If, as I suspect, neither Brienne nor LSH know about Jon's death, it could be Melisandre who's going to get Thoros of Myr to try a resurrection. I hope they put Jon's body in an ice cell for the time being ;-) .

4.  Or, if LSH gets informed about Jon Snow's death, she could accompany Thoros of Myr to Winterfell. This might even lead to her meeting with Littlefinger in that ominous Winterfell Godswood scene. And this would be a very symbolic meeting, as it would mirror another meeting that happened exactly in the same spot in S01E01: between Ned and Catelyn Stark.

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