April 27, 2016

The Blood of a Dragon

Jon Snow is dead. Dead as dead can be. We saw that last season, we saw it in episode 1 of the new season.

But since the moment we watched Jon Snow lying on his back, eyes open, dying in a decorative pool of blood, people started to search for hidden clues about his future.

In the blood spreading under Jon's body, some saw a direwolf, others a "spreading, blood-black dragon's wing":


To be honest, I did not see a single thing in there - in my opinion you needed VERY much fantasy and a screenshot of just the right millisecond to find anything like that...

But when Episode 1 of Season 6 got released, there was one scene that made me (and lots of other people) sit up and take notice. After Jon was found and carried away by his friends, Ser Davos is standing at the place where Jon lay. He's looking at the bloodstained ground. And standing there. And looking. And standing. And looking.

Much too long. It was very obvious that they wanted to show us that Davos was looking at something he thought very interesting, or mysterious; well, might as well have been he just remembered having left the teakettle on the hot stove when he left his house, but I don't think that was it.

His face showed surprise, irritation, astonishment, frowning... There was something about that bloody snow (hah! Bloody Snow ;-) ) that set his thoughts in motion.

Unfortunately, we do not see clearly what he was seeing (because of course we are not meant to do) - we can only make out parts of the bloodpool around Jon; and when his body gets carried away, the careless brothers of the NW trample through the blood.

But at least we get some impressions, from different direction, height and angles:

If we try to put those partial glances together (which is quite hard because the shots are taken from very differing points of view), we end up with something like the following picture:

Judge by yourself.

Is this an omen that foreshadows Jon Snow's future? Is it really a flying dragon?

Or is it just blood spilled in the snow?


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