April 19, 2016

Another short Game of Thrones trailer

HBO has just released another short trailer for episode 6. While there are many scenes we saw before in other teasers, trailers or photos, some are completely new or give us new impressions of known storylines.

All of the new scenes have been incorporated in the Season 6 Episode Guide.

Here are the most important and interesting of them:

We've seen this picture before, but this time we get a much longer peek of someone laying his hands on eyes and breast of Jon Snow. 

And this comes just shortly after it has been "leaked" that Thoros of Myr will return in episode 6...
Tyrion and Varys in the streets of Meereen. Again, we've seen this scene before, but this time we see action as several civilians are rushing by - maybe fleeing from the Sons of the Harpy?
Tyrion and Varys, looking for the cause of the chaos.

Another shot from the fight at the Tower of Joy, this time with two members of the Targaryen King's Guard.
The Night's King and his army, maybe at the place where he's been seen before behind a wall of fire.
Sansa hiding in the woods, on the run from Winterfell.
The Funeral of Myrcella in the Great Sept. Jaime and the High Sparrow are surrounded by dangerous looking sparrows.
Jaime looks up to the circle of sparrows above.
Bolton bowmen in a new perspective.
Bolton bowmen firing on Wildlings and Northerners.
Danaerys approaching Vaes Dothrak, hit by a whip.
That hurt!
Ellaria in Dorne. Her look makes you think if the line from the Telegraph refers to her:

"Elsewhere in the Seven Kingdoms, the women are taking control too – in some regions, terrifyingly so."

If so, I see hard times for Prince Doran...
Now we know what Bran was looking at before he turns and sees the Night's King behind him: a tree in the snow.

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