May 07, 2017

Season 7 promotion timeline

Bored from waiting for the first season 7 trailer? Here's a quick overview about the promo stuff we got before season 6 premiere to have some orientation about the possible timeline:

Up to now, we got the same stuff roughly in the same order and period of time as we did last year:
a teaser poster, two teaser videos and a bunch of promo pictures. If they follow a similar pattern as last season, next in line we could see
  • another teaser (next week?) 
  • the official season 7 poster 
  • maybe some "Inside GoT" / "Behind the scenes" clip 
  • the first trailer (around May 31st / June 1st?)
But maybe we'll get even more stuff this year - to lighten our long dark night of waiting!

(Or less - to punish us for the leaks ;-) )

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