May 28, 2016

Will she return soon?

Some time ago we speculated about a possible return of Catelyn Stark from the dead, rising as the dark Lady Stoneheart we know from the books.

Today a short video clip was published, taken down and republished. It claims to show the last 10 seconds of an unknown GoT episode and consists of a short and quite dark scene of a female face slowly turning towards the viewer, followed by the beginning of the GOT credits. Could easily be fake, but I'm not at all sure about this.

The part with the credits obviously is from an original episode, filmed from the screen with a mobile phone like the rest of the clip:

But this of course does not in any way prove (or disprove) the authenticity of the scene shown before. The face in that scene is not fully identifiable, but it looks quite a bit like Michelle Farley:

Furthermore, it also very much looks like the face of the woman in the snow in a photo that was "leaked" one year ago and supposedly showed LSH returning in S05E10 (what obviously never happened):

So from the visuals, I would not at all deny this being a legit leak; furthermore the scene might add credibility to the 2015 leaks - especially as both photos of that "leak" claimed to show LSH as a hooded figure in a snowy forest landscape:

At that time, it was totally unclear why Lady Stoneheart should be seen in such an environment, as we'd expect her to return in the Riverlands. But after having seen the season 6 trailers, this pictures seem to fit extremely well to the mysterious scene where Littlefinger, while standing in the Godswood of Winterfell, is approached by another figure:

Littlefinger's looks are very interesting - he looks not outright shocked or fearful, but very insecure and somehow intimidated; something we do not see very often on his face.

So it could well be that this is him meeting the love of his life, who is returning to her home Winterfell; to be more exactly: to the Godswood in Winterfell where we saw her in S01E01 with Ned Stark.

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