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King's Landing (ep. 1 - 7)

Scenes in different locations.

Trailer 1 (23.05.2017)
Cersei in her bedroom
"A Story in Cloth" (05.06.2017)
Cersei meeting someone
Trailer 1 (23.05.2017)
Cersei meeting someone
Trailer 1 (23.05.2017)

Trailer 1 (23.05.2017)



King's Landing (ep. 1 - 7)

Euron and Cersei share several scenes together.

  • "Euron is pretty cocky about all of this - every time he meets Cersei he's suggesting to her that he'd make a good husband."
  • "Euron wants power. And a Queen. He has a huge Navy, she doesn't. THat's a pretty simple arrangement. He is determined that he'll marry her, and she allows him to believe its a possibility for as long as he's useful. This is Cersei after all."
  • "Euron's and Jaime have one of the funniest exchanges in the script (that made me laugh anyway, not Jaime).

    He tells Jaime that he plans to wed his sister, then quietly asks him exactly what way she enjoys being fucked. Even asks if she likes a cheeky finger up the arse.

    I KNOW that looks like something I've made up, but it's not. Euron's is kind of a riot this season, and he goes out of his way to be obnoxious when he gets the chance. Jaime is obviously livid at this, but can't do anything about it at that moment."
  • [PM to flowercrownss]: "She doesn't hook up with Euron, although he keeps making serious hints and advances. He really wants to marry the most powerful woman in Westeros."



Oldtown (ep. 1 - 5)

Sam is working and researching at the Citadel in Oldtown, while Gilly improves her reading skills and unknowingly makes a discovery.

  • "Ebrose doesn't talk to Sam about the Targaryens. In fact most of the time he's just telling him off and admonishing him for things like trying to cure Jorah, or trying to read books he's not allowed to."
  • [The character played by Jim Broadbent]: "on the page he's not THAT interesting. He's just Maester Ebrose, ordering Sam about and telling him off.
    It doesn't say 'Jim Broadbent's Character' on the script, and to be honest I was a bit surprised when I heard they'd cast him as it doesn't seem a big enough role for Broadbent, although maybe that's why he did it - it's probably only a week or so filming, so the commitment is minimal.
    Anyway, that's why I didn't mention it much - Sam's the main character at Oldtown, not the Maesters there."
  • "Gilly has been reading a diary of sorts of the Late High Septon Maynard, and she has been reading portions out to a very uninterested Sam - this is where she says Maynard "issued an annulment for a Prince… 'Ragger' and remarried him to someone else in a secret ceremony in Dorne "
    Obviously she can't read too well yet, hence 'Ragger'. Sam Isn't really paying too much attention, but he does recall this later in the season when talking to Bran."
  • [Gilly] "lives in Sam's quarters in the Citadel looking after Little Sam and staying out of the Maesters' way."



Oldtown (ep. 1 - 4)

Jorah goes to Oldtown to seek help and finally gets cured by Sam 

  • "Jorah goes to Old- Town, get's cured from the greyscale by Sam"
  • "Jorah gets his cure at Old Town, from Sam of all people. No scenes in Essos next season."
  • [PM to KaySen762]: "Maester Ebrose tells Sam not to waste time trying to cure it, and mentions that an old Maester had done some reading into it but forbids Sam to take it further."
  • [PM to KaySen762]: "Sam steals a key for the restricted library and find the book detailing how to cut off the scales and treat it with a special ointment (that Sam prepares himself from the instructions)"
  • [PM to KaySen762]: "We see him start the operation on Jorah, and it's clearly incredibly painful and takes all night. We don't get much more of a description of the process than that though. It's a bit underwhelming for what everyone seems to think is an irreversible condition."  
  • [PM to xOx_D-Targ6969_oXo]: "[Jorah goes to Oldtown, because the Maesters] "know more about medicine than anyone else. [The maesters] "actually don't even try to treat him, just say they'll keep him comfortable while he dies. Sam is forbidden to help him, but he knew Jorah's father and respected him. He wants to help him, so he does it in secret."
  • [PM to xOx_D-Targ6969_oXo]: "Turns out an old Maester once DID cure himself of Greyscale and recorded how to do it - it's in the forbidden section of the library though, but Sam nicks the key for it from his direct superior while he sleeps. Sam can follow instructions in a book, that's all." 


Eastwatch-by-the-Sea (ep. 2 - 5)

The men of the Brotherhood without Banners are caught and imprisoned by Tormund.

  • "The wildlings at Eastwatch spot them approaching from the south and take them prisoner when they won't state their business."



Dragonstone (ep. 1 - 7)

Various scenes in the Throne Room and outside Dragonstone castle.

Daenerys on the throne Daenerys on the throne

Tyrion in Dragonstone Daenerys

Davos in Dragonstone
Trailer 1 (23.05.2017)



King's Landing (ep. 1 or 7)

A snowy scene in King's Landing.

As Jeremy Podeswa is present, it's either episode 1 or 7 (probably 7).

Snow in King's Landing
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Podeswa and Gregory Middleton
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Lannister flags
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King's Landing
Dubrovnik 15.12.2016
Snow traces on the steps
Dubrovnik 15.12.2016
Female extras
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Tavern (in Oldtown?)

El Periódico Extremadura reported that the tavern on Plaza de las Valetas was used for a night shooting after they filmed the Sam / Gilly departure scene from Oldtown.

  • [Sam is not at the tavern]: "All of his Oldtown scenes are at the Citadel unless I'm really forgetting something."

Tavern near the Market
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